Experience and Expertise

The owners of The FIRM have many years of experience in medical and medical billing fields. Years of experience in physician office management, over ten years experience in utilization review, reimbursement practices, collections and appeals and personnel management bring a vast amount of knowledge and skills to the company. With certifications in reimbursement specialty, master’s degree in healthcare management, and specialty licensing in substance abuse counseling lends a diversity of knowledge and skills not found in other billing companies. A few of our skills include office management/organization training, documentation training, appeal coordinating and contract negotiation as well as personnel evaluation and training. We continually strive to service our client’s in an individual, personalized manner according to their needs.

Tia Aspra
Pam Kendricks 
Chris Aspra

Our Staff

We have a very diverse staff that includes, but is not limited to nurses, counselors, pharmacy technician, coding intern, certified reimbursement specialists, and data entry professionals with over 30 years combined experience in the medical and medical billing field. We have ancillary resources available to us that include doctors, professional counselors, lawyers, litigation specialists, coding professionals, accountants and insurance specialists. We also staff a HIPPA compliance officer and information technologist.

The Firm is a full medical billing management service that accurately and timely files insurance claims for medical doctors, therapists, dentists, and other non-medical providers. We increase practice productivity, maximize revenue and decrease costs. We offer tailored services that fit the needs of each individual practice while getting to know the practice on a personal and professional level.

Our credentialing services help your practice and providers stay in compliance with insurance carriers and state guidelines. As a participating provider, patients are more likely to see a provider credentialed within a network for their healthcare. Our expert professionals credential your providers with insurance companies such as Aetna, Cigna, and TRICARE and we also specialize in credentialing with Medicare and Medicaid.

The Firm does credential solo providers’ as well mid-level practices. If you are not registered with the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) we will register your practice and providers quickly and efficiently. By credentialing your practice, insurance companies can verify your credentials which allows you to contract with many carriers that provide healthcare to their clients.

Continuing Education

FIRM SERVICES MEDICARE BILLING INSURANCE CLAIMS 5Our staff is continuously training. Changes occur rapidly in this field. We attend many seminars and workshops some of which are: Medicare/Medicaid quarterly and annual seminars and workshops, Region C DMERC Supplier Workshops/Certifications, Texas Department of Insurance Seminars, TWCC Stakeholders, TDI/Division of Workman’s Compensation Seminars quarterly/annual CEC Workshops We also attend many private and specialized educational events as well.