By Jennifer Van Bueren, June 2013

“Warning: Medical credentialing may cause nausea and headaches. Don’t worry, the team of experts at The FIRM has your prescription ready for pick-up. Medical credentialing is the process of verifying information about health care providers to ensure legitimacy and experience thus establishing contracts between the provider and the insurance carriers. Far beyond displaying a wall of diplomas, credentialing is a multi-tiered process that requires careful and thorough recording, tracking and followthrough. Since patients who pay out of pocket are few and far between,
proper credentialing ensures that physicians can accept third party reimbursement from private insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid.” More


By Charlene Huff, May-June 2013

“For Tia, the solution was simple: Billing brings in money, and billing requires one person or a team of people to exclusively handle the task. Tia realized she could provide the focused energy doctors needed and help them collect the money they deserved. Thus the FIRM (Financial Investigation and Reimbursement Management, Inc) was born. Chris and Tia Aspra, along with business partner Pam Kendricks, have devoted a combined total of nearly 30 years’ experience to building a powerhouse medical billing, credentialing, and consulting firm.” More


By Max Bezahlen, January 2013

Healtcare lawyer Larry Laurent writes “Over the past 22 years, I have been called upon time and time again to work with doctors who are the subject of insurance and regulatory licensing board audits, post-payment audit claims, or who are otherwise facing compliance challenges from insurers or regulators with the manner in which they are coding and billing their professional services. When I encounter clients with these types of problems my first call is always to Tia Aspra, owner of Financial Investigation and Reimbursement Management (the F.I.R.M.), with offices in Lakeway, Texas and Kerrville, Texas. Tia Aspra is the most knowledgeable person I know in the complex areas of medical billing and coding – and in the almost indecipherable field of medical credentialing.” More


By Mary Bryan Stafford, December 2012

If you are a medical professional, gear up. The times, they are a changing. Sooner than you thought and more than you thought. Dramatic change frequently means that your money gets left on the table. But fear not—salvation is at your disposal. The FIRM (Financial Investigation and Reimbursement Management) specializes in the billing, credentialing, and consulting that impacts revenue for all healthcare professionals. The FIRM decodes the deadlock of detail, not only for Medicare/Medicaid, but commercial insurance as well. More


By Stacey King, October 2012

Imagine knowing a superhero who was equal parts avenger for justice, but who also possessed the olfactory skills of a bloodhound on a money trail, and who had a Sherlock Holmesian ability to read, digest, and apply the most densely-worded insurance legalese. Now imagine this superhero toiling on your behalf, if you’re a doctor, clinic, or hospital, relieving you and your hard-working staff of that most burdensome and time-consuming of all tasks: medical billing. More


By Cara Smith

An that goes for you, too, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists—indeed, all healthcare professionals, whether you’re an average medical practice, urgent care facility, or larfe multi-specialty clinic; or a solo practitioner just starting out. Chris and Tia Aspra, who, along with partner Pam Kendricks, own and operate the medical billing, credentialing, and consulting powerhouse that is THE FIRM, have some critical words of wisdom about insurance credentialing—that murkey, agonizing quagmire—that they really want you to hear. More