You are currently viewing Medical Billing ? Credentialing? The Firm Services has your answers.

Medical Billing ? Credentialing? The Firm Services has your answers.

Our mission is to provide professional, state of the art medical billing and specialty services to our clients to achieve maximum reimbursement.

The Firm believes successful Physicians view their office as a business. In order to meet today’s healthcare needs of the patient, profits are critical for a Medical Practice to survive and thrive.

FIRMSERVICESMEDICALBILLINGINSURANCECLAIMSThe FIRM, with 30 years of combined experience specializes in Medical Billing, Credentialing and Consulting services to assist physicians and their staff to operate a more efficient, compliant and profitable medical practice.

At The FIRM, optimal insurance reimbursement is our goal! The Firm’s expert medical billing staff understands the importance of excellent and efficient medical billing and collections as well as effective denial appeals.

Continuing Education at The FIRM is the key to understanding and keeping abreast of the continuously changing federal and State laws & regulations that can affect our clients.

The FIRM serves physicians and physicians groups nationwide in all medical specialties including;

Family Practice
Internal Medicine
Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology
Pain Management
Plastic Surgery
Physical Therapy
Mental health
Pain Management
The Firm offers premier expertise, services, resources, and support for:


Medicare / Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, UHC, Multiplan, Humana, Aetna, Coventry, Scott & White

The FIRM understands the importance of proper credentialing and contracting and how it impacts your income. Through the years, building strong relationships with many insurance companies and provider enrollment representatives across the country, The FIRM can help you the provider save valuable time and money during the credentialing process.


Group or Individual

An accurate and updated NPI Profile is critical to Medicare enrollment and payments.


An updated and attested CAQH profile will help reduce the re-credentialing process and secure contracts.

*Changes to your practice such as your address, corporate status (tax ID numbers) or changes of ownership can stop reimbursements immediately! Forwarding addresses will result in checks being returned to the carrier!

To discuss credentialing for large mutli-specialty groups or individual practitioners, call The Firm’s credentialing experts for assistance at (830) 238-4112 or email [email protected]

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