Physicians Credentialing ICD-10

The Firm Services can help your office get ready for ICD-10

by CARL NATALE  SEP 23, 2015 – 12:00 AM

There’s only a week left before you have to start using ICD-10 codes. That’s not a lot of time to do much.

Earlier this month, we published an ABC checklist with last minute ICD-10 implementation tips for procrastinating physicians from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It focused on:

  1. Assess systems
  2. Be sure everything is ready
  3. Contact vendors

For medical practices that started preparations sooner than this month, there are still some last minute steps. Nelly Leon Chisen writing for Hospitals & Health Networks offers some ideas to add to healthcare providers’ ICD-10 check lists:

  • Create a communication plan to report problems.
    • Who gets contacted?
    • How to update everyone.
    • Who to contact at health plans, clearinghouses and vendors for information and help
  • Review contingency plans
  • What is the status of ICD-9 coding backlogs?
    • What will it take to clear them?
  • Test medical coders’ skills
    • Plan quick refreshers
    • Assess ICD-10 coding accuracy

If you’re billing software isn’t going to cut it, CMS has these suggestions for patching Medicare billing problems:

  • Free billing software that can be downloaded at any time from every Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC);
  • In about half of the MAC jurisdictions, Part B claims submission functionality on the MAC’s provider internet portal;
  • Submitting paper claims, if the Administrative Simplification Compliance Act waiver provisions are met.
  • Those ideas should be considered temporary until medical practices get things ironed out with healthcare vendors.[ICD10Watch Poll: Are your vendors ready for Oct. 1?]Even with good plans in place, things could get tense next week. Rebecca Fox, MD, has some ideas for helping medical practices work through the stress of an ICD-10 transition:
    • Supply comfort food
    • Schedule carefully
    • Provide some luxurious perks such as massages and pedicures
    • Express gratitude

    What are you going to do Oct. 1?

    Questions about ICD-10 reimbursement? Physician Credentialing and Revalidation ? or other changes in Medicare, Commercial Insurance, and Medicaid billing, credentialing and payments? Call the Firm Services at 512-243-6844 or 

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